South American Street Art Tour

I love street art, grafitti, whatever you will call it – when it’s well done. I love what people come up with and looking at an otherwise boring wall on the side of the building that is suddenly turned into a work of art. I love seeing what is important enough to people to (sometimes) break the law to get a message out to the world. I’ve always taken photos of grafitti and enjoy seeing other cultures’ street art. I love that I am essentially capturing an otherwise transient item as mant pieces are not kept up and are often painted over. The following are some that I captured during my travels in South America.


Translation: “And my voice doesn’t matter?”

This is one of my favorites: “We need a world that reflects the best of us, and bring us our intense strength in your hands…”


Parque del Amor ~ Lima, Peru

I noticed that there were many advertisements on the sides of homes and buildings. ..

even on this traffic director’s booth!

mural in Cuzco, Peru

Street Art from Chile is in a separate post due to more comments about Santiago 😉 Also, check out San Francisco, California Street Art Tour!

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5 thoughts on “South American Street Art Tour

  1. I love all the colors in South American street art and I love that they celebrate art this way instead of considering it graffiti. Beautiful — thanks for the photos!

  2. I also love how most people view it as art rather than vandalism. I appreciate good art, whether on the side of a building or in a museum! thanks for visiting!

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