Capture the Color

This post is for Travel SuperMarket’s Capture the Color Contest. They asked participants to pick photos based on 5 colors. Here are my entries and their explanations.


I love learning the history about places and architecture. It makes for a much deeper experience when traveling.

Barrio Barranco, Lima, Peru- La Ermita (the Hermitage) which origin is also attributed to an ancient legend dating from the mid eighteenth century (1750). The legend tells of a group of fishermen getting lost in the fog at sea. They were able to get their bearings from an illuminated cross that appeared on the coast, right at the place where later on the religious building or chapel was built by the fishermen to celebrate the miracle.


Horse Grazing on the Inka Trail

This was the first day of the 4-day Inka Trail, just as we were getting out of the areas where people actually live on the trail. I saw this peaceful horse just grazing quietly. This was one of the many magical moments of the hike.


Graffitti in Cordoba, Argentina

One of the many amazing works of street art I found in Argentina.


Doorway in Cordoba, Argentina

Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors. I love the quaintness and personality of this doorway


The Andes as seen from the plane somewhere over Chile or Argentina

Flying over the Andes was an awesome experience. I sat staring out the window, feeling the cold on the window.

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