How to quell your wanderlust (when you have to)…

Join a language group – you will meet people from all over the world, including the country or countries of the language the group is focused on and it will improve your skills for future travel! To supplement this..

Take a language class – again, you will meet native speakers, and therefore learn a lot about their culture in the process

Go to a cultural festival – Whether it is a Peruvian Pisco festival or Oktoberfest, you are bound to run into many nationalities, indulge in food and beverages from various locations and meet tons of great people!

A Pan-Asian Festival

Hang out with a Couchsurfing group or a Couchsufer – even if you can’t host, many people are wanting to find people to hang with during their travels to your city. So play tour guide for a day or go to a Couchsurfing activity

Learn to cook a new cuisine – whether you look up recipes online, buy a regional cooking book or join a cooking class, cooking a new cuisine is a fun way to get to know a culture or  make you miss a culture you already know a little bit less.

I made Alfajores from Argentina!

Check out a restaurant that serves food you’ve never tried before – Ethiopian? Pho? Ceviche? Thai? Delicious!


Go on a weekend road trip – there’s bound to be somewhere close(ish) to where you live that you haven’t explored yet, so grab a friend and go! You might find your new favorite spot!

Take a cultural dance class – From Flamenco to Irish folk dance to Bollywood dance, learning a new dance style is not only fun, but a great workout!


Go see a live band or performance – many places hold regular cultural performances such as live bands from all over the world and cultural dances like flamenco.

Aztec dance performance

Explore your own city – like taking a small road trip, there is probably a place in your city (or a nearby city) that you haven’t experienced yet. Make a day of it and explore!

See a foreign movie – whether you go to a theatre or watch it online, foreign movies are a great way to learn a new language, soak in scenery and often hear great foreign music which leads to the next…

Listen to music from another country – some of my favorite bands are not from the US, and some of them, I have heard during my travels, so listening to their music brings back great memories.

Read a travel memoir or blog- I get great ideas and tips from reading people’s adventures via memoirs and blogs. Check my links page for some of my favorite blogs.

great memoir about the author’s adventures of obtaining “free plane tickets to places that they had never been to, knew nobody in, with the goal of not spending any money, on anything” – laugh-out-loud funny!

Read a novel based in a foreign country – Some of my favorites include Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Bad Girl by Mario Vargas Llosa, The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho, and Ines of My Soul by Isabel Allende as well as many many more!

Check out a foreign art exhibit – Learn more about art and culture through their art.

A Papua New Guinea sculpture Exhibit at Stanford University

CAUTION: Some of these might actually inspire you to want to travel more, but in my experience, that’s been a good thing. Though it’s hard to sit around when you’re saving for your next trip, or waiting just long enough to ask your boss for time off since your last vacation, wanderlust has made me all the more vigilant about sticking to my budget as well as living my life to the fullest while I’m home between trips. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How to quell your wanderlust (when you have to)…

  1. very good advice! p.s.: those cookies you made look mouthwatering! 😀

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