Alta Gracia y El Museo de Che

A new friend and I decided to make the day trip to a town called Alta Gracia from Córdoba. We caught a bus there and then walked to the museum. The city is very quaint, quiet and there didn’t seem to be many people there. The main purpose of the trip was to visit “El Museo de Che,” which is located in the home where he spent 12 years of his life before moving to Buenos Aires to become a Doctor. Although I don’t necesarily agree with his revolutionary action later in his life, I do believe he had a big heart, was a good man, and am impressed with the volunteer medical work he did during his “Motorcycle Diaries” years.

Statue of Che as a young boy

Eternal Flame

His childhood room

fake passports and him in disguise

Map of his travels

A replica of “El Poderoso” the motorcycle he rode during his travels throughout S.A. which inspired the movie “Motorcycle Diaries”

Che’s childhood desk

the kitchen where he did his homework as a young boy with his “Nana”

His “nana”

A gift from Alberto Granado – this touched my heart. We are lucky to find our “amigos del alma”

Alta Gracia is very peaceful and quiet

The entrance of the park – named after Garcia Lorca

We found this park with all these old wooden playground items – it was somewhat creepy as there was no one around

we stumbled upon a man running with his horse – it was one of the most random sights I think I’ve seen!

random dried water slide in the park

there are many stray dogs in Argentina, most are friendly

we found mint growing on the side of the road, so naturally, we thought to make mojitos!

the party-like bus we took back to Cordoba

When life gives you mint, make mojitos!

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6 thoughts on “Alta Gracia y El Museo de Che

  1. Wow! Looks like skipping Cordoba was a mistake! Next time! Thx for sharing

  2. I love the pomelo flavour Paso de Los Toros drink. It’s probably my favourite thing in Argentina! I bet it would make a good mojito too.

    And also I meant to say nice pics of the museum. Just got carried away with the drinks.

    • LOL well obviously that’s the most important thing! fresh mint for mojitos = winning! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get to visit the Che museum one day – it was great!

  3. I like your photos! I guess the next time I’m in Córdoba, I should make the trip to Alta Gracia; it looks muy linda, as they say, as does the museum.

    • The museum was fantastic! I know it sounds cheesy, but I channeled young Che on my adventures in South America. He was so introspective, compassionate and pensive. So it was great to see the home where he grew up and imagine him as a little boy dreaming of his future. =)

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