2012 World Series Game 2 – Giants 2 Tigers 0

In my previous Giants-related post, I mentioned that I am (and was raised) a die-hard Giants fan. in 2010, they won the World Series for the first time in my life, as well as for the first time in 56 years! (better than the Red Sox’ 86 year Curse of the Bambino, but still!) Two years later, they won again! This time was different, though. In 2010, we Giants fans were simply amazed after we kept winning and advancing to the next series. Until it actually happened, I don’t know if any of us actually thought our boys would do it. This year, however, there seemed to be more pressure. Also, EVERYONE seemed to doubt us! From pretty much every other team, to supposedly “unbiased” radio and TV announcers (cough Chris Berman and Joe Buck cough cough!).

We were no longer the underdogs, as we had won two years prior, and people were generally very negative. In 2010, I was young and stupid (2 years gives a lot of perspective! =P) and decided that I would let work (and not even a career, mind you) get in the way of me going to a WS game. This year, once we made it to the Playoffs, I decided I was going to go to a playoff game. I asked tons of my friends, they all gave various excuses, then one said he might be able to go. I decided that I was going regardless, but luckily, my friend said he could go! We went to Game 1 of the NCLS vs the Cardinals, which was awesome, even though we lost, we had a hell of a rally in the 4th with 4 runs in the inning!

Pagan right after he stole the base

I got there as soon as the gates opened and I felt like it was Christmas day when I was a kid. I watched the Tigers’ batting practice (Giants had it before the gates opened 😦 ) I even picked up a foul ball that beamed some guy in the head! It was slightly difficult to be mature and give it to him. The energy was amazing, everyone was beaming at each other, it kind of felt like we were in an elite club.

I made friends with the people who were sitting around me; many of them were quite a bit older, but still had energy and I never felt as if I was at the game alone! Every time we made a good play, everyone around me would high-five each other including the about 70 year old next to me. We were given orange rally towels at the entrance, and pretty much every time we needed that last out for every batter, the rally towels were waving! It was a close game, final score was 2-0, so it was definitely a edge of your seat game My personal highlights included an amazing out at home when the Tiger’s Prince Fielder slid to try to make bring in a run, but was denied by our (MVP) Buster Posey, an awesome stolen second base by Angel Pagan, Gregor Blanco’s bunt, which two of the Tigers’ players thought was foul, but was inches on the fair side, setting up for Brandon Crawford’s run-scoring double.

rally time!

Everyone was on their game and the fans were electric. A bunch of people crowded around where Chris Berman was (attempting) broadcasting and started an “East Coast Bias” chant which was so satisfying as he had been trying to call the Reds and Cardinals and we proved him wrong! I will not forget this experience for a very long time! Two more memories were of the entire crowd singing “We will rock you” after our second run was scored and Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” after the win. The lyrics “Whooah, we’re half way there!  Whooah! Livin on a prayer!” were fitting considering we were halfway to winning the World Series! It’s definitely one of the best times I’ve had in my life and another Bucket List item checked off!

Great pic I shot of George Kontos

Aftermath of fireworks =D

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