My Go-to Happy List

I wrote this on a page in my journal while I lived in Argentina and have added to it since I have been back. I think it’s important to remember the things that make me happy & that it would be a great idea to write them down to look at when I was down. Recently, In Pursuit of More wrote a post on making a Happiness list, so I thought I would post mine too! I also made a Pinterest Go-to Happy Board

What makes me happy:

Sunsets, riding my bike on a beautiful day, naps, sleeping in, dancing salsa, good conversations, laughing, traveling, cooking (especially with others), being outdoors, going to the beach, nights in with friends, feeling inspired and productive, speaking and learning Spanish, having more time to complete something than I thought, people watching, realizing what you worked hard for has become reality,


meeting interesting people, eating great food at great restaurants, having a crush on someone who reciprocates, great books, baseball games, drinking, playing with my niece and my dog, feeling like I am finally understanding something that has been difficult for ahwile, photography, exploring/getting lost in a city, family dinners, having someone waiting for you get excited when you step off the plane


getting lost in amazing live music, experiencing new things, having a clean/organized space, wine tasting, kissing, making love, cuddling (especially on a rainy day), holding hands, hugging, romance, looking into a loved one’s eyes, When someone special brushes their fingers through my hair, riding ATVs and scooters, a smell that takes me back to another place or time in my life,


ferris wheels, being on boats, having a good buzz, driving with the windows down and music up, goofing around with friends and siblings, nice weather, being with friends outdoors, staying out all night, being in a country where the main language is not English, seeing my dog’s “special smile,” treating myself when I know I deserve it, being independent, letting others treat you when they want to,


making people laugh, the feeling after exercising, smiling dogs, “stupid” dancing, (night) swimming, trips with friends, laying in the park with others,accomplishing tasks, flirting, first kisses, the feeling when there’s nowhere else I would rather be right now, when strangers are nice to each other, proving someone who didn’t believe in you wrong, listening to great music and knowing exactly where the lyrics came from,

32651166019850551_vurE57vs_chaving chemistry with a man, texting all day and talking for hours on the phone, having conversations that are based on silly things and seeing how far they go, stargazing, wishing on shooting stars, The fact that no matter what happened during the day, my dog is always insanely happy to see me when I get home, singing along in the car, lazy mornings, fireworks….


What would you add to your happy list???

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