Feeling good regarding my resolutions!

It’s the end of January of 2013. A new year, a fresh start. I created a 2013 Bucket List to make definite priorities of what I want to accomplish, see and do this year. Although 2013 has already been a rollercoaster (I am going to two funerals this weekend and found out I might be getting laid off….), I am trying to stay positive and keep my goals in sight. So far, I am very proud of myself!

  • I have booked my flight (and luckily, am staying with my amazing friend) to Boston to celebrate the St. Patrick’s festivities and a great friend’s birthday in a city with a rich Irish history and the biggest (I’ve heard) celebration in the States.
  • I have booked my flight to San Diego, CA at the end of April to Watch my SF Giants play the Padres. One of my goals this year is to go to more Giants away games to support my favorite team in a new light =D
  • I have also made progress towards some personal goals of mine such as:
  1. creating an emergency fund (already 25% complete with my goal, so I decided to double my goal!)
  2. taking charge of my health (going to the dentist already, regular checkups, etc)
  3. taking steps to move to another city – though there have been some hiccups (see possible layoff)
  4. wasting less time on the internet and replacing this by being physically active and/or reading books that will help me grow
  5. I had planned on volunteering tomorrow with a local organization to plant native seedlings in the marshlands by the San Francisco Bay, but I am going to a memorial service and had to cancel so I will reschedule!
  6. planning more weekend trips to make the most of my days off such as my weekend in Half Moon Bay during Maverick’s

What’s on your 2013 Bucket List? Have you made any steps to accomplish them or already accomplished any?

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4 thoughts on “Feeling good regarding my resolutions!

  1. Good for you! I particularly like #4 🙂 Hadn’t thought of counting going to the dentist as progress towards a goal of Good Health. Now I can count it, too!
    Take care,

    • haha I guess that should be explained – I lost my health benefits last April, and still don’t have any. I let it go until this month to get a cleaning (I was due for one in September)! I am also planning on getting health insurance on my own if I have to.

  2. That’s awesome! (Not the possibly laid off/ 2 funerals part… that clearly sucks, I’m sorry.) But the fact that you’ve not only made so much headway with your 2013 goals! Most people don’t even last this long, so bonus points. I also like #4… need to work on that one…

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