Seattle Weekend, getting detained at the US/Canada border and less than 24 hours in Vancouver

Per the request of Lina!: A friend and I decided to make our annual February trip to another location we had never been to: Seattle! Following is a photo essay of our trip:

The famous Pike’s Market



The Gum Wall


We found an Argentinian Restaurant! – So good!



Sooo good!


They had tango dancers dance around the restaurant and even on the bar!

coffee shop

This is from a coffee shop – had to try Seattle coffee!

spaceshipThe Space Needle looks like a spaceship from the bottom



Off to Vancouver!

424543_10150678097941405_1961028688_nThe line at the border….


detention center

Just when we finally got to the border patrol agent – he asked us to pull to the side and park and go into this building where we were questioned for almost an hour!! I guess because we were going for such a short time (about 24 hours), they thought we were smuggling drugs! I have to say, they were really polite at least! We had an eventful border crossing back into the states too – someone in the lane next to us was pulled out of their car at gunpoint and arrested!!


leaving the detention area! We’re free!!


Vancouver, I found is a very beautiful and clean city



The following day, we went to Lynn Canyon Park

susp bridge

me on the suspension bridge


Totally reminded me of the movie, homeward bound!


I had to Google this! “Jaquie” was killed by a rock that dislodged and fell on her while sunbathing by the river. This prompted her brother to join the Search and Rescue team.

mini waterfall

A mini waterfall – I would love to come back here and hike for the entire day!

Overall, I really enjoyed Seattle and Vancouver. Both are cities with friendly people and great food. I wouldn’t mind coming back to either city to explore a little more as I “only” had a long weekend to do so!


Home sweet home!  ❤ SF

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8 thoughts on “Seattle Weekend, getting detained at the US/Canada border and less than 24 hours in Vancouver

  1. Awesome photos. Nicely done. I had the opportunity to visit those two great cities back in 1993 (20 years ago next month!) Vancouver is still the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. Back then, border patrol was a lot less restrictive than it appears to be today. My brother and I were only going across for a day, and it took us all of four or five minutes to go through security.
    Glad you got to have a nice time,

  2. kristen on said:

    Love. So where are WE traveling to??

  3. That first picture of the gorgeous veggies at Pike’s Market had me thinking of munching… till I got to the gum wall photo. Appetite gone. Perhaps I should tape a gum wall shot to my fridge as a weight control measure… Looks like such a fun weekend- you did a lot for a long weekend!

  4. I’ve heard great things about both cities – I’d love to visit them one day and your photos just add to that feeling!

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