California couple reported missing in Peru

A couple who were cycling about Peru were reported missing by their parents who had not heard from them in over a month and were feared kidnapped somewhere between Lima and Cuzco. Their parents reported that their contact and posts had stopped abruptly and their bank accounts had not been used which alarmed them. The couple was then spotted on a river boat in the Amazon. The Oakland, CA natives were surprised when they were told they had been reported missing. They have since posted to their Facebook pages saying that they’ve been biking through remote villages with little to no electricity.

I’m just going to say it: C’MON PEOPLE!! You need to tell people where you are! I went to South America and left my itinerary as well as important numbers (passport etc) with my Mom and a friend. I am all for going off the grid. There were times when I was in South America that I didn’t have access to the internet, but I always made sure someone knew where I planned on being. That way, if something had happened to me, at least my loved ones would know where to begin looking for me. Cycling through South America is not an easy ride, so I am sure they made some sort of route and decided around how many miles they would travel each day. Had they shared this information with their parents or at the very least told them that they would be out of contact for approximately one month, it would have saved them a lot of heartache and eliminated the need to spend resources for searching for the couple who was not lost after all.

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2 thoughts on “California couple reported missing in Peru

  1. I agree. I also have the urge to escape and end all contact with everyone from now and then, but I would never put my parents under such stress that they would report me missing.

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