Boston, you know we love you madly

Boston, you know we love you madly

The terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon Monday hit very close to home. I was there less than a month ago and have come to consider it almost as a second home city – adding more friends everytime I go. I love the depth of history of the city, how you can walk out of a T (subway) station and be standing at the site of the Boston Massacre among many other historical sites. This is something which awes me as a native Californian. I love the people of this city – they are energetic, unapologetically themselves and have tons of personality. I am grateful that my loved ones who live there are safe though also deeply saddened at the loss of life and unjuries caused by the blasts. I greatly admire the first responders I have heard about who rushed to be of service without hesitation as well as the runners who had just ran a marathon, yet continued running to the hospital to give blood. Many people have been getting into heated arguments about the politics behind this, but I will not do so. The fact of the matter is that three people lost their lives and many more people were injured physically and psychologically, which has caused a ripple effect throughout the world. What I do know is that the American people are resiliant. When tragedy strikes, people rush to help one another and that is comforting in a time such as this.

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