Barcelona Alley


One of my favorite things to do while traveling (time permitting) is to purposefully get lost. Obviously, I take precautions to stay safe, but I have stumbled across some amazing restaurants, stores, photo opportunities  and other off-the-beaten path things I might not have seen otherwise. This is one of those times. I purposely did not plan a lot of my trip in Spain, so this day, I was wandering through the different neighborhoods in Barcelona taking photos.

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7 thoughts on “Barcelona Alley

  1. Great advice!…’not all who wander, are lost’ 🙂

    This is one of the places that is a must visit for me. Im moving to Bali in Sept and then will start the cycle of 3-4 months per city/country type thing.

    • I love that quote because it rings so true to me! I am so excited for you and your upcoming adventures! Bali seems like such a blissful place! Barcelona is one of my favorite cities and I cannot wait to go back! Cheers!

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