Why I will never use Hotels.com again

Recently, I was looking for a hotel to stay at during my friend’s wedding weekend in Colorado. I found a hotel through hotels.com and it was cheaper at the time compared to other hotels in the  area, so I booked it. I received an e-mail several days later simply stating “We’re sorry you are having trouble booking your reservation,” pretty vague, huh? So I looked on their website under the “my reservations” tab and didn’t see my reservation, so I booked again and got the same e-mail about 24 hours later. I decided to call to book. The woman simply stated that I “must not have been able to book because the room wasn’t available anymore” and then proceeded to attempt to sell me another room which was quite a bit more expensive than the one I initially booked. I decided to book somewhere else and did so successfully. Upon review of my credit card statement, I found that they had, in fact, charged me TWICE! The only good thing I can say is that it was simple to refund both charges, but the fact that the first person didn’t see my reservations and tried to sell me a more expensive room was frustrating and in my mind, not good customer service.

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