Daily Prompt: Oasis

I had just spent the week volunteering for Give and Surf out in the secluded rainforest islands of Bocas del Toro, an archipelago of 300 different islands in Panama. I had met two lovely Argentinian girls who were also volunteering and  we all wanted to go to the beaches on the main island, Isla Colòn. 

This is how close we were to the beach!

We took a boat to the main island then a crowded bus/van to Bocas del Drago on the other side of the island. I had to stand as they packed it as full is it could hold and there were numerous turns and the driver had a heavy foot, let’s just say!

The bus/ van which took us to the other side of the island

Once we got to Bocas del Drago, I could definitely understand the recommendations; it was stunning! We walked down a meandering trail to a series of secluded beaches.

See what i mean?

We picked one and simply relaxed. I got in the wate and it was glorious! It being late December and cold back home made it even better. I must have stayed in the water for hours; I felt like a mermaid! It was comforting and quiet; I had time to think and reflect and simply be.


I could have stayed for hours more, but we had to catch the last bus back and our boat was picking us up shortly after. This is definitely an oasis for me.

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