Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi is my favorite architect and Barcelona was his architectural playground containing many of his masterpieces. After studying his work in an art history course in college, I was lucky enough to visit some of his works in person.

PARC GÜELL was built in the early 1900’s for the wealthy Güell family, who wanted a secluded community away from the main city. The plans to live there were later abandoned, so Gaudi actually lived there with his father for 20 years and now the public is fortunate enough to be able to view the beautiful “Parc” in present day.

spain 046

This is the mosaiced cieling in the Hypostyle Room under the bench in the following picture. Can you imagine how long it took to make the cieling alone??

spain 031

The famous bench (my favorite part) snakes along the edge of the platform allowing great views of the city!

espana 052 This gentleman was making and selling picture frames, bookmarks, etc out of wire

espana 063
The pathway reminds me of another world


espana 106

Gaudi began work on La Sagrada Familia in 1883 and to this day, it is not finished! He died before he could complete his work and work has been slow as it is privately funded and there are arguments over how to complete the design.

espana 113
Despite it being unfinished, I was majorly impressed with the magnitude and uniqueness of the design.

spain 066

Here is a view from about halfway up the stairs
espana 127

some of the spires viewed from one of the bridges – not for those afraid of heights!


espana 133
Also called Casa dels ossos – “House of Bones” due to it’s skeletal-like similarities, Casa Batlló is a beautiful and unique structure in the Eixample District.
spain 084
Here is a view of the stained glass windows from the inside. It almost feels like you are inside a helmet, looking out
espana 148
The next two images show how intricate and unique each feature is on the apartment – nothing is plain
espana 136
Here is the gorgeous enclosed patio
espana 146


espana 087
Here is another example of a very unique apartment building from the facade..
espana 170
…to the military-like structures on the roof, which is one of the main attractions of the apartment
espana 172

espana 176
La Sagrada Familia from an archway on the roof of La Pedrera
espana 184
Another beautiful patio


Somewhat lesser-known is this apartment which was Gaudi’s first important work finished in 1889. This apartment, unlike the others cannot be visited as it is a residence.
espana 083

I hope you enjoyed Gaudi’s work as much as I did and if you haven’t already, get a chance to visit! Who is your favorite architect?

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7 thoughts on “Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona

  1. I am also a big Gaudi-fan..couldn’t stop talking about it in architecture class :D. I do believe he kind of “owns” Barcelona and I’d love to see it with my own eyes some day (hopefully soon! :D). anyways, your photos turned out awesome, and I just love this post! great job 😉

    • I love the uniqueness of his architecture! To me, seeing them up close was like being able to walk around a funhouse for adults! Every single detail had his personal touch – nothing was plain. I hope you get to see his works soon too! I would love to go back and see La Sagrada Familia since they have done work on it since I have been there! Thanks for reading!

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  4. MariTravels on said:

    beautiful! Definitely want to see Guell ad La Sagrada. His architecture is so whimsical!

    • can’t wait to see your pics! I know there has been some work on Sagrada Familia since I have been there and I plan to go back. Don’t miss Casa Battlo and La Pedrera too! ❤

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